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Hello! and thanks so much for stopping here.  Here's a smidge of my story ~

I've always been a bit of an entrepreneur, always thinking about new ideas and new things to create.  It's just in my blood.  I worked in the home building industry for years, it was my means while raising my boys.  I learned a ton, and met some life long friends.  I was always a bit restless though.  

I started Twist My Armoire in 2011 purely out of my love of home décor.  I've shared photos and DIY ideas for several years.  I was drawn to the wood signs I kept seeing and already had some good ideas in mind. In 2016 I decided to make a few and see how it went.  I stumbled a bit in the beginning, but found my way and can't tell you how much I love my work now.

Summer of 2017 Dave and I had the barn built in our backyard here in Phoenix.  It is my sanctuary, literally.  I love how it smells, I love being in there, I get lost in my work and the time flies by.  We had electricity put in it this past Spring and Dave installed an air conditioner so I can work through the summer months here in Arizona.  It looks like the roof is sinking in this's straight as a pin in person!

Dave helps me keep up on the stock of wood for frames and signs.  We stain in huge batches and keep them up in the loft in the barn.  I just started framing in a white frame, sanded a bit on the edges, and I'm loving how they look. 

I learned how to use a chop saw, a nail gun, a router....and, I let Dave work the table saw because I just don't think that one is for me.  Maybe some day.  It's funny, I failed home economics in High School and got an A in welding.  And, yes, I do think about welding a few projects now and then!

I bought these white chippy frames at The Tattered Nest in Phoenix, where my signs are sold.  I'm excited to use these.  I need a few more hours in each day ~ never enough time to do everything I want to do!  

This work is one of my loves.  I don't ever see myself getting tired of it.  I'm learning all the time about social media and advertising.  I'm not the best at videos but that is something I'm going to continue to play with and hopefully you'll all hang in there with me!  

Thank you for being here with me.  If it wasn't for all of you I wouldn't be spending so much time in this barn of mine.  I'm grateful and blessed. 

~ Lisa

Lisa Campbell


Lisa Campbell

Awesome Lisa!! I’m so proud and happy for you!! You’ve always been amazing with interiors!! Good luck!! ❤️❤️

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