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Twist Old Time Faves

I have a handful of old favorites to share with you today.  Some of these items I have sold in the past and some I've only admired from afar.  There are two types of home décor people out there, in my opinion ~  (1) someone who sets up their home and it stays the same for years and years.  The other (me!) changes things up all the time.  I might purchase something for a specific spot, or think I'll figure it out when I get home.  It could sit somewhere for months until one day it dawns on me that it would be sooo much better over here!  I love that creative side of the brain that finds new purposes or places for an object to live.  I simply love home décor!  Here we go ~

I've looked at this light 100 times and love it!  I don't have this in my house, but maybe someday I will.  It's the perfect combination of rustic and glam          

Creative Co-Op Metal Chandelier with Crystals, 13-1/4" Round by 15" Height

Floor lamps are not typically one of my favorite décor items, but I do love this one!

    Creative Co-Op Mariner Wood Tripod Floor Lamp with Shade, 62.25" Height

 Tip the scales in the kitchen with your favorite decorate greens, fruit or holiday candy!

 Creative Co-Op Decorative Iron Scale with Bird

This photo card holder would be perfect to hold your Christmas cards and then family photos after the holidays!

     Creative Co-Op Reproduction Metal Photo/Card Holder with Three Postcards

A pedestal that absolutely tops the adorable list!

  Creative Co-Op DA6880 Metal Stool Shaped Pedestals, Metallic

Copper is so popular again and these two trays are beautiful.  Use for decorative or for serving...also nice on the bathroom vanity for hand soups, towels and guest goodies

Creative Co-Op Antique Copper Tray Set

This station clock looks great on a pillar where it can be seen from two rooms.  My hubby is in love with this one, I might need to find a spot for it.

  Creative Co-Op DA5800 Metal Two-Sided Station Clock

Last, but not least, doesn't every home need a propeller?  I do believe so!

 Creative Co-Op Metal Wall Propeller

I'll be back, hopefully weekly, to share more favorite finds and holiday décor.  Please let me know if there is something in particular you're looking for and I'll do my best to track it down!  Thanks for joining me!


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