Sissy’s New Space

I’ve told you about my sister before, if not here on my Facebook Page.  She is very creative and very talented.  She’s worked in the interior design industry for many years and decorating is in her blood.  She recently moved into a late 1940′s bungalow with quite a bit of character on it’s own.  Wait till you see what she’s done!  It is the coziest, warmest, quaintest homes I’ve ever been inside.  Hope you enjoy ~

Here are before pics ~

The view as you walk into the front door ~ love the wood floors!

photo (54)

Another view from the front of the living room ~ the wall heater worried her a bit at first, but her cleverness took care of that!

photo (52)

View from the kitchen door to the front door ~

photo (53)

Cutest kitchen ever ~

photo (56)

The master bedroom ~

photo (51)

Bathroom ~

Are you ready for the ‘after’ pics?

photo (55)

Walking into the front door ~ she has a knack for pairing things you would never think to put together ~ so many interesting pieces, textures, fabulous color ~ huge talent!

20140119_143536 (2)

The blue wall ~ you can find the fabulous wood dragon fly on our cousin, Justin’s Facebook Page  ~

20140119_143639 (2)

Cozy dining area ~

20140119_145110 (2)

Next to the entry to the kitchen ~ my Mom painted this praying woman ~

20140119_143620 (2)

The kitchen is small, but it really proves that function can be in small spaces.  The open shelving is adorable ~ great space to cook in ~

20140119_153522 (2)

The hallway to the master bedroom ~

20140119_144502 (2)

Her office ~ (she’s not going to be happy that I posted a picture with storage boxes in it!)

IMG950097 (2)

The master ~ she’s hung more on the walls since this picture was taken.  It’s a great room, with great light ~

IMG950096 (2)

The most fabulous vanity she found at an antique mall ~

20140119_151056 (2)

Well, what did you think?  Cute as ever, isn’t it?

Thanks so much for being here.  Hope you enjoyed!  ~ Lisa


Turquoise Warms My Heart

I suppose we all have a color that makes us smile inside when we look at it.  Mine is turquoise.  A little dab of it in decor, a piece of jewelry, clothing…you name it, the color makes me happy.  Some day (don’t tell Dave) I’m going to paint a room turquoise!  Here are a few photos that add a smile to my day ~ hope it does for you too.  ~ Lisa

turq barnturq dishesturq watch|d{device}_25127459472%7C-%7CbEacJeYc

turq entry

turqoise ring

turq dresser

turq tile

turq van

turq island

turq pumpkin

turq chairs

turq clothes

high seas bracelet

turq cans

turq house

Have a wonderful weekend!



NEW Silpada Sterling Jewelry!

One of my loves is Silpada jewelry – beautifully crafted and I love the story behind it’s beginning.  I’ve been a Silpada independent representative for only about 6 months now ~ but, I’ve been a fan and have been collecting for over 10 years.  Here are a few of the newest pieces and a couple of my favorites  ~  Visit me at to view the entire catalog!

Highlands Necklace ~ $159
silver necklace

Hemisphere Bracelet ~ $224

hemisphere bracelet

Bright Side Earrings ~ Pearl & Sterling Silver ~ $44pearl drop earrings

Elements Necklace and Opening Night Earrings ~ $149 and $59 respectively (back side of the necklace is a gorgeous brown stone)

Elements necklace and opening night earrings

Cleopatra Cuff ~ Sterling Silver ~ $369cuff bracelet

Chicest Link Bracelet ~ Sterling Silver ~ $239chicest link bracelet

In Good Faith Bracelet ~ Sterling Silver ~ $89cross bracelet

Beauty In The Rough Ring ~ Druzy, Cubic Zirconia & Sterling Silver ~ $114

beauty in the rough ring

Grand Strand Necklace ~ Rock Crystal, Pearl & Sterling Silver ~ $359

Grand strand necklace

Stack Rings ~ Mix and Match ~ Prices Vary From $19 – 29 ea. ~ Sterling Silver

stack rings

Just Dropping In Earrings ~ I wear these all the time!  ~ Sterling Silver 2.5″ in length ~ $39

Picture 061

I own this ring and love it! Sterling Silver and Cubic Zirconia ~ $79

Picture 061

I could go on, but I’ll save some for later!  I hope you enjoyed and I know you will love Silpada ~ give it a try!  ~ Lisa


Get Out Your Tablecloths!

For some reason lately, my eye has been drawn to tablecloths.  We don’t use them often enough – maybe for holidays and that’s about it.  I’m going to get mine out of the linen closet and launder shake them out and put them to good use!  Inside and outside ~ they add so much coziness and color!

Here are a few that I like ~

tablecloth doily

tablecloth boho

tablecloth drapped

tablecloth layer

tablecloth blanket

tablecloth city view

tablecloth quilt

tablecloth color

Turn your vintage tablecloth into a comforter ~

tablecloth bedding

tablecloth weights

tablecloth daisy

tablecloth red

tablecloth neutral

tablecloth patio

tablecloth ruffle

tablecloth tromp

crochet tablecloth 2

I hope you enjoyed this post and I hope you always enjoy your family and friends around your dinner table, covered in cloth.  ~ Lisa


Lantern Love

Hello!  I’ve been away and distracted for a little while now.  Busy getting a different job (hallelujah!) , traveling a bit and getting caught up on life.  I was in a quandary about what to post today and it hit me this morning….lanterns!  If I had 5 extra hours in each day I would add lighting to my list of things to learn about.  Without always realizing it, lighting adds ambiance, mood and depth to spaces.  Here are just a few of my favorites ~

lantern on wall

lantern patio table

lantern giant yellow

lanterns on water

lantern twine wrapped

lanterns on hooks

lantern paris

lanterns color–Charm-Meknes-Candle-Lantern~JOZ1305~E4532.html?refid=HSOJM1.type294&referrerid=664253&medium=HardPin&source=Pinterest&campaign=type294

lantern entry

lantern candle

lanterns color 5

lanterns hanging

lantern blue

lantern hearts

“May it be a light to you in dark places, when all other lights go out.”
― J.R.R. TolkienThe Fellowship of the Ring

Thanks for being here with me.  ~ Lisa


Rustic + Velvet = Love

I realized the other day that I love rustic decor with velvet furniture splashed about.  The combination gives me the happy chills!  Velvet is one of my very favorite fabrics to begin with and blending it with rugged and weathered wood is a combo of a lifetime!  Check out these photographs and try telling me you don’t love these two paired together.  Enjoy ~

velvet black chairs

velvet ottoman

velvet pink

velvet bed

velvet barn

velvet chairs

velvet brown

velvet barrel

velvet sofa and chair

velvet bench

velvet gray

velvet bed 4

velvet purple

Are you in love?

All the best ~ Lisa


Silpada Sterling Jewelry

For years and years I have adored the Silpada jewelry line and I’m wicked excited to be an independent representative for such a wonderful organization and with product I absolutely love!  This jewelry is made of fine sterling silver, the quality is outstanding and everything is guaranteed.  The company started with two Moms who shared a love of jewelry and started their own business so they could stay home with their kids.  I wanted to share a few of my personal favorites ~

Feel free to contact me with any questions ~

View the entire catalog on my site:

This first piece is the Oasis Necklace ~ Turquoise and Sterling Silver and sells for $299.  I love how unique this is ~

turquoise waterfall

The Tumbled Turquoise Ring ~ speaks for itself ~ $109 ~
turqoise ring

The Minty Fresh Ring ~ $69turq ring

The Turks and Caicos Necklace ~ I’m all for uneven ~ this sells for $229 ~turq flat bead necklace

A great pair of every day style earrings ~ The Swan Dive Earrings ~ $69turq drop earring

The Treasure Trove Bracelet ~ bronze, copper, quartzite, pyrite and sterling silver ~ $259treasure trove bracelet

Part of the Bohemian Collection ~ Elements Earrings $59 and Artifact Bracelet $189patina

The Layer Cake Necklace ~ this I love! ~ Strands of pearls and sterling silver beads ~ $199layer cake necklace Helen of Troy Ring ~ $99helen of troy ring The Black Tie Ring ~ I could wear it every day! ~ Onyx and sterling silver ~ $104

black stone ring

Talk about a little BLING ~ The Cavalier Bracelet will sweep you off your feet! $259cavalier bracelet

The Enchanted Necklace ~ cubic zirconia, mother of pearl, pearl, glass and sterling silver ~ 189dangle necklace Harbor Lights Earrings ~ $46

drop earrings The first pair shown is Make Memories Earrings ~ $69

The stunning Ribbon Earrings sell for $69

earring treeThe Gypsy Girl Necklace is a personal favorite of mine ~ $159
gypsy girl necklace

The Harlequin Earrings ~ $79harlequin earring Take your pick of Stretch Bracelets ~ each $46bead bracelets 3 rings Rendezvous Earrings made of three organic shapes ~ $743 piece earring

Silpada Foundation Ablase Earrings ~ with every purchase of these earrings $10 goes to the Silpada Foundation helping women and children in back earrings

Cross My Heart necklace by Silpada ~ $26
Cross My Heart ring by Silpada ~ $26

Both Silpada Rose and Sterling Silver heart necklace and ringThanks so much for visiting me today.  Again, feel free to contact me if you’d like a catalog or host a catalog party and earn free jewelry!!!

Make is a Sterling Day! ~ Lisa


Armoire With A Twist

How could I possibly have a Facebook page and a Blog named Twist My Armoire and not post anything about armoires!  Where have I been??  I see them everywhere and I love all of the really creative ways people are repurposing and refinishing them.  I’ll start with mine.  It’s rustic and I love it, but I especially love the pantry space it gives me in my very small kitchen.  Couldn’t survive without it!  Cruise through the pics and let me know which one you think is the best ~  

 Here’s mine ~ pretty functional! (I could have/should have closed the bottom door!)my pantry


I’m in love ~

armoire fridge


armoire quilts

armoire dark

armoire mirror

armoire baby room

armoire bar

armoire blue

armoire craft

armoire kitchen

armoire store

armoire sports

Which one is your favorite armoire?

As always, I end my post with a quote ~

Happiness resides not in possessions and not in gold; the feeling of happiness dwells in the soul.


All the best   ~ Lisa


Nooks and Crannies

Nooks are awesome.  Immediately, don’t you think about relaxing and feeling cozy?  I do.  I actually think smaller homes are far more cozy and downsizing can be extremely cleansing.  OK, I’m getting off track here.  Nooks.  Here we go ~

nook purple

Image thanks to:

nook view

Image thanks to:

nook stairway

Image thanks to:

nook tiny

Image thanks to:

nook chat

Image thanks to:

nook cave

Image thanks to:

nook office

Image thanks to:

nook kitchen

Image thanks to:

nook garden

Image thanks to:

Make yourself a cozy nook.  We all need wind-down time and there is no place cozier than a nook!

I love quotes and so I’ve decided to end every post with one ~

Every artist was first an amateur.
Ralph Waldo Emerson

I hope you enjoyed these photos.  Have an awesome day!  ~ Lisa


A Picture Tells 1,000 Words

Dave is much better about remembering to bring the camera ~ (who me?) ~ and making time to stop and take pictures along the way.  He loves to ride his dirt bikes and always brings his camera to shoot early morning desert shots.  We also really lucked out and took a bunch of great pics when we were on our honeymoon in New Mexico a couple of years ago.  I have many of these framed in simple black frames (from the Dollar Tree) and hung on a wall in our house ~ so everyone can see!  I’m also a huge bulletin board fan ~ buy just the basic wood kind at Target, paint the wood a great color and plaster it with wonderful pictures of your adventures, family, friends ~ hang it in your guest room or den and you’ll be amazed at how many people will stop and look at each and every one!

I hope you enjoy these pictures ~  if you do, please send me a comment and I’ll continue to add more!  ~ Lisa

IMG_3851 IMG_1146 IMG_1431 IMG_1462 IMG_1795 IMG_1992 IMG_2764 IMG_2771 IMG_2927 IMG_2947 IMG_3021 IMG_3063
IMG_3089 IMG_2959 IMG_2962 IMG_3034

IMG_3054 (2)